Board of Directors

SIYB Board of Trustees

Phil Helean (SYSA), Otto Klein (SI) Dana Richardson (SIYB), Chris Duff (SI), Chuck Latimer (SIYB), Kent Schultz (BECU)


President – Dana Richardson    Vice President – Vacant

Secretary – Vacant    Director of Commissioners – Glen Reser

SIYB Directors & Commissioners

All Spring Player Pitch – Glen Reser    6U Spring Coach Pitch & T-Ball – Glen Reser

8U Spring Coach Pitch – Glen Reser    Practice Field Coordinator – Glen Reser

Equipment Director – Glen Reser    Coach/Player Development Director – Jim Fitzgerald

Rules Chair / Sportsmanship – TBD   Tournament Director – Glen Reser & Karla Hernandez

Bambino President – Leslie Sigrah    Bambino Commissioner – Vacant

INW Division Summer Baseball Director – Glen Reser    Coach Pitch.T-Ball Summer – Glen Reser

INW Division Softball Director – Glen Reser    Softball Commissioner – Amanda Stewart

All-Star Directors – James Whiteley & Joe Killinger    Umpire Assignor SBU – Bob Francis


League Partners