Bob Robertson Sportsmanship Award

Bob Robertson Sportsmanship Award

Bob Robertson Sportsmanship Pin award – to be awarded by the opposing team to the player that most exemplifies the following characteristics:

  1. Abides by the rules of the game
  2. Plays fair and hard
  3. Follows the directions of the coach
  4. Shows respect for the other team and their effort
  5. Offers encouragement to teammates and is a leader
  6. Shows respect for the umpires judgment calls
  7. Ends the game smoothly – shows class in victory and defeat
  • This award will be given out at home plate at the end of every game. The goal is to end every game in a positive fashion and to give a player an opportunity to be recognized for outstanding behavior.
  • We recommend that your team appoint a group of 2-3 coaches/parents to look for the 7 sportsmanship qualities above.
  • For the Full Team Division, the coaches packet will include 18pins. For the Inland Northwest Draft division, the coaches will receive 12 pins. These pins are for regular season and City Championships
  • At the end of the season, the player from each team that receives the most pins will be invited to a special Sportsmanship Recognition Night at a Spokane Indians game. Players will receive two tickets to the game.
  • Spring and Summer 2024 Sportsmanship Night: August 16th


  • Develop a strong, clean, healthy body, mind and soul.
  • Develop a strong urge for sportsman-like conduct.
  • Develop courage in defeat, tolerance and modesty in victory.
  • Develop control over emotions and speech.
  • Develop spirit of cooperation and team play.
  • Develop into real, true CITIZENS.
  • Babe Ruth adds: Develop understanding of and respect for the RULES.

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