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Bambino Buddy Ball

Did you know that Spokane Indians Youth Baseball offers a Bambino Buddy Ball Program? What is Bambino Buddy Ball?

Bambino Buddy Ball is a league that has players from 5-20 years old who are either physically and/or mentally challenged. This division makes allowance for a “buddy” to help the player swing a bat, round the bases, catch a ball, etc. The Bambino Buddy-Ball Division allows our challenged or special needs athletes to develop confidence and positive self-esteem. It allows them to be part of organized sports and assists with physical fitness as well as their social skills. The joy and emotion you experience when you watch a child round third and head for home with a grin from ear to ear never gets old!

Bambino Buddy Ball starts games in May and goes through mid-June.

Bambino Buddy Ball is always looking for teams from our INW and Full Team Divisions to be “Buddies” during the regular season. If your team is interested in being buddies for a day of games, please email

For more information on Bambino Buddy Ball, CLICK HERE