Inland NW – Cloach Pitch/T-ball

Coach Pitch and Tee Ball Important Information:

1) Registration ends March 5th, 2015.

2) Coaches will receive their uniforms and gear at the coaches meeting.

3) Opening day – April 18th Avista Stadium – Home field for the Spokane Indians Baseball Club Festivities start at 10:00 AM. Each team will participate in an opening ceremony, play a short game, get their team and individual photos taken. Join Otto and Doris the mascot, concessions will be open.

4) The first game after opening day is Monday, April 20th for 6U coach pitch and tee ball. 8U coach pitch divisions will play their first game on Tuesday April 21st.


Q: Should my player play coach pitch or tee ball?

A: There are two options for players 5-6 years old, tee ball or coach pitch. If your player can hit a pitched ball sign them up for coach pitch, if not then tee ball is the spot for them. 4-year olds can only sign up to play tee ball.

Q: What day of the week do we play?

A – 8U coach pitch play Tueday and Thursday. 6U coach pitch and tee ball play Monday and Wednesday. Opening day will count as one of the 10 games.

Q: How much is it to play?

A: $95

Q: How many games are there?

A: 10

Q: What time do games start?

A: 6:00 PM – other than opening day which will begin at 10 with games following right after every hour until 5:00.

Q: Where are games played?

A: Each team will be assigned a home team in their area where they will play half of their games. We will make every attempt to schedule other games as close to home as possible. Depending on the number of teams in each area we may not be able to avoid scheduling games in another parts of town.

Q: When are practices and how many are there?

A: Practices are scheduled by the coaches. Most teams practice 2-3 times before the season starts and not more than once a week during the season.

Q: How are teams assembled?

A: Some teams return from the previous year or come in as a full team. Players that aren’t already on a team will be put together with players that are in their area. We start with the elementary school and add players from nearby schools.

Q: What does the league provide to players?

A: Each player will receive game pants, socks, a dri fit jersey and a hat.

Q: When will I hear from a coach?

A: You will hear from a coach within 48 hours of them receiving their roster. Target date to send them rosters is 4/16.

Q: Is my player guaranteed to get on a team?

A: We have had 100% success placing every player that registers by the deadline and 95% of the late registrations. The only issue we usually run into is having more players than coaches. If you want to volunteer to coach please register online and send in you drivers license (see front page for details).

Q: Why did I get a login code from Bonzi Team?

A: Bonzi Team is a an online communication and team page. Click here for more details.

Q: What if I don't register by 4/11?

A – We will allow for late registrations through 4/17, but there will be a $20 late fee. Your player will be placed on a team that still needs players. Last year we placed 95% of the late registration players.


Q: How will I get my roster?

A: You can see assigned players in Bonzi Team. We will also send you a roster once team assignments are.

Q: What does the league provide to coaches?

A: An equipment bag with 5 helmets, bases and catchers gear as well as one dozen safety balls and tees for tee ball teams. The league does not provide bats.

Q: When do coaches pick up their gear, uniforms, packets and balls?

A – An e-mail will be sent to the coaches with a date of when and where to pick up gear. The target date is 4/18.

Q: How do I contact parents?

A: All coaches will have access to Bonzi Team. Bonzi Team is a valuable coach resource that allows you to communicate via text and e-mail with your team. You can schedule proactices, view your roster. This is a valuable tool. Click here for more details.

Q: What are the rules for each division?

A: We are currently merging the rules from the three different leagues and will publish them when they are finalized.

Q: How do I schedule a practice field?

A: You will receive a user name and password from with a user name and password for Appointments Plus. The instructions are on the front page of the website. The only difference from what is posted currently is you will be allowed to self assign fields up until May 4th. Once the game schedules are loaded into Appointments Plus you will be able to then schedule your in season practices.