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Zags Baseball Camps

We are very excited to announce that our 2017-2018 Zags Baseball Winter Camps are now open for registration! As always you can register at We plan on all of our sessions selling out very quickly, as we are limited on indoor facility space. Our winter camps are a great opportunity to get the instruction needed to help you improve your game as well as just having fun playing the game of baseball! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to train with the Zags!

Premier Mitts, LLC

Specialized Infield Camps

Summer Camp registration is now available on our website!Register here!

Premier Mitts LLC is the only specialized infield camps east of the cascades! We offer professional instruction in a variety of infield camps that are highly competitive for players who aspire to play baseball beyond high school. We specialize in teaching the skills and fundamentals needed to compete at the highest levels of the game. Our website will cover all of your baseball needs and it's a convenient place to register students for any of our many camps we have to offer. If your son is serious about baseball and wants to get better, this is the only place to be.

Our number one goal is to expose kids to high level fundamentals at an early age. If they can learn these skills at a young age, continue practicing with as many repetitions as possible and work hard during their developmental years; they may have an opportunity to play baseball beyond high school. If you come to any of our camps we will guarantee that you leave our camp a better player.

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Athletic Edge Spokane Indoor Baseball Facility

Athletic Edge Spokane provides individualized baseball and fastpitch softball training and cage rentals for athletes of all age groups. Our professional training and positive environment promotes growth and confidence in our athletes to help them reach their full potential and peak athletic performance. We are committed to developing athletes through outstanding instruction and mentoring. We’re conveniently located in Spokane Valley and serve the entire Inland Northwest!

Open by Appointment Only | 7 Days a Week

509.922.6077 | 11110 E. Empire Avenue, Suites B & C, Spokane Valley, WA 99206 |


Rockwood Sports Performance Program

“We offer year round training for all baseball and softball athletes!Do you want to take your game to the next level? We are here to help you! Improve your arm strength, speed, agility, power and your reaction time! We have state of the art equipment and the science behind the training that allows us to GUARANTEE RESULTS! We customize a training regimen that fits your individual needs and goals focusing on the following:”

Strength – We utilize scientifically founded exercises that are proven to guarantee results! Work on increasing leg strength and power, a dynamically flexible and strong core, and shoulder and arm strength that will stand up to the demands of your-round ball!

Power – Baseball and softball is a game of power. From hitting to throwing, a strong and rotationally powerful core is an important component that makes up successful players. You will work on key drills and exercises that will allow you to improve your athletic abilities where it matters… ON THE FIELD!

Speed/Agility – Our certified coaches will show you what you need to work on that will let you make more plays in the field and steal more bases! Through our breakdown of the mechanics of movement, see what your’re missing that can make a huge improvement in your game!

Injury Prevention – No one wants to be left on the bench because of an injury. We take care of our athletes and ensure that they are ready for their upcoming season by implementing key preventative exercises that you can do ANYWHERE! Keep your body strong all season long so you can stay ON the field!

What are you waiting for? Call us NOW to get started!

GROUPS OF 2 OR MORETeam Training

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