Rockwood Sports Performance Video Series

Rockwood Sports Performance Video Series

In Season Rotator Cuff and Scapular Strength In season rotator cuff and scapular strengthening is important for every baseball and softball player. Check out this video to see what you can do at the field, or anywhere!

Broad Jump Using Vertimax V8 EX This drill is being performed by one of my athletes using the Vertimax, we can greatly increase the work load placed on the body which allows us to help develop a greater power output. This drill allows us to focus on explosive hip extension, which paired with lateral bounding and trunk rotation drills can mimic the lower half and trunk roles while pitching. It is very important to make sure the athlete is capable of performing this action well without resistance first. Check out the other videos for additional training tips on training for baseball and softball!

Vertimax V8 EX baseball fielding Just one of the more creative ways to use a state-of-the-art training platform. This is a great way to teach any fielder how to get through the ball and to use that momentum to transition from fielding into throwing. HOWEVER be careful! If not done right, this drill can lead to bad habits. Maintain focus on great form! Better quality beats mediocre quantity ALWAYS!! SHOW MORE.

Scapular strengthening with the TRX suspension system One of many great exercises for overhead athletes to incorporate into their routine. I must stress CONTROL with this exercise (as with any)!

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